Prospects Sports LLC.

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Prospects Sports Basketball Academy Elite Individual Training


Prospects Sports is searching for MIDDLE SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL student athletes to join our training program.

Why send your players to Prospects Sports?

    Prospects Sports is here to assist in the process of player development through a variety of programs including exposure camps, AAU, training sessions and our newly implemented Elite Training and Skills Development program; which targets elements such as NCAA compliance, character enhancement, importance of Academic Eligibility and understanding  to the underlying elements of playing basketball at the next level.

·Our mission is to train players in the off season and fine tune players as they develop over their high school career.                            

TRAIN LIKE A PROSPECT: Basketball Training Program: 

$30 per 1 hour session

Choose your Emphasis: Shooting, Defense, Explosiveness, Agility, Conditioning, Offensive Awareness, utilizing the Triple Threat, One on One offensive scoring,  Defensive awareness.

Please call 571-316-3735 or 571-331-8864 to schedule workouts.

Prospects Sports Inc. recognize a number of former and present athletes who have played high school, collegiate, semi-pro or professional basketball; as our staff or acquaintances.


Cliff Hawkins - Kentucky (Professional- overseas)

Antionne Hatcher - Salem Tekiyo- West Virginia

Damien Keyes – Bowie State University

Maurice Watkins - Trinity Valley Community College

Antionne Phillips - Frederick Community College

Timothy Fuller - Wake Forest/ Current University of Loiusville Assistant Coach

Jason Williams - Radford University

Torrey Farrington- Hampton University (DC Assault)

Marvin Jefferson - Wagner University

Sherman Rivers - William & Mary (Professional- overseas)

Rolan Roberts - Southern Illinois (NBA Developmental League)

Tommy Adams - Hampton

Raphael Putney - UMASS

John Bryant - St. Josephs, PA

Ahmad Dorsett- George Mason

Brion Dunlap - Old Dominion

Tyrice Watkins - Mountain State University

Juwan Howard Jr. - Western Michigan University

Jeffrey Allen - High Point University

Hollis Johnson - University of the District of Columbia

Torry Farrington - Hampton University

James Prince Frederick Community College/Belmont Abbey

Joel Prince Frederick Community College/Daniel Webster

Victor Cook Frederick Community College

John Smith Frederick Community College

Anthony Hubbard Odessa Community College/Frederick Comunity college

Cornell Felton/ All time Scoring and Assist Leader Hayfield/ Samford University

Steve Miles American University

Akeem Scott (High Point - Professional Overseas)


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For more information please email Prospects Sports @ with any inquiries.